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for U.S. Congress

District 99-TX 

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I'm honored to stand as your Libertarian candidate for Congress. In a world where big government encroaches on our rights daily, it's time for a change. My platform is simple: less government intervention, more personal freedom. From reducing taxes and regulations to defending civil liberties, I pledge to be a voice for the people, not the establishment. Together, let's champion fiscal responsibility, free markets, and non-interventionist foreign policy. Join me in this journey to reclaim our rights and shape a future where every individual thrives, unshackled by bureaucratic chains.

Living with my family in Austin, Texas, I hold an engineering degree and consult professionally. Remember to vote Libertarian this November for a future built on liberty and prosperity.


Cut taxes and spending

In a landscape where both Republicans and Democrats raise taxes and spending, challenging the status quo is crucial. Cutting taxes and spending is essential for economic freedom. Lowering tax burdens encourages entrepreneurship and investment, while curbing government expenditure prevents wasteful allocation of taxpayer funds and shields against deficits. It's time to break free from bipartisan cycles and prioritize fiscal accountability. Let's usher in a new era of governance where prudent fiscal policies pave the way for prosperity and individual empowerment.

Defend Civil Liberties

In a realm where both Republicans and Democrats have infringed upon civil liberties with measures like the Patriot Act, defending our freedoms is paramount. Upholding privacy, free speech, and due process is essential. Ending the war on drugs is crucial, as it disproportionately affects marginalized communities. Reclaiming our rights from partisan agendas is vital. Let's champion a society where civil liberties are sacrosanct, standing firm against any erosion of fundamental rights.

Cut taxes and spending

Supporting non-interventionism is crucial as both Republicans and Democrats overspend on our military and involve us in too many foreign conflicts. Embracing non-interventionism means prioritizing diplomacy over military action and respecting the sovereignty of other nations. It's about lowering taxes and redirecting resources towards domestic needs while fostering peaceful relations globally. Let's break free from the cycle of endless wars and interventions, advocating for a foreign policy rooted in restraint and cooperation rather than aggression.

The Libertarian Party

With over 100 Libertarians holding elected office nationwide, the Libertarian Party stands as America's third-largest political party. Explore further at and to learn about our principles and candidates dedicated to individual liberty and limited government.